How Many Had COVID?

I'm sorry but I am probably not going to be posting here anymore. I do not appreciate being attacked for my person choice of not getting vaccinated against covid. Me not getting vaccinated does not endanger or harm anyone around me. I got a personal message from someone here telling me I'm criminal by not being vaccinated. I thought this was a free place to state your feelings but clearly not. I have not told anyone here not to get vaccinated because that is a person choice. I've been here for years and have never felt this way before. I've always looked to my fellow catheletes for great advice and even to make me feel better when things are going bad. I hope this does not happen to anyone else here because this is an awful feeling. Sorry to burden anyone with this, but this will probably be good bye to all the nice people out there. Stay safe and healthy.
I am so sorry some "Karen" decided to unleash on you...but it is obvious SHE has an issue. I also chose not to get vaccinated and have never regretted it...because once you DO receive it there is no going back. I will wait till they work out all the side effects first....Stay strong and hold your ground, last I looked we were all still free to choose.

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