Body Building Eating Plan


I’m looking for a bodybuilding nutrition plan for woman and am wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction? I have the weight lifting down but I know that I could see better results with proper (proven) nutrition. Looking for step by step, eat this before working out, eat this after working out type of thing…..body building nutrition for beginners style of menu.


I would like to know how to eat too. And meals that are healthy and simple. I have a lot of Beachbody workouts and the meal plans aren’t simple for busy people. I also never know do I eat more calories or do I strictly limit them.


Check out Greg Doucette on YouTube. He is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder with a Master’s in kinesiology. He’s been an athlete for decades but used to be a science teacher. He talks like Iago the parrot from Aladdin, but that’s part of the charm. His knowledge is solid. He sells cookbooks for body building and supplements (which I’ve never bought) but his advice is free. Good stuff.


Another good person to check out is Layne Norton, with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and is a pro bodybuilder himself. I think his wife is a fitness competitor too. He's got a book out, quite expensive, but from what I hear, worth it. I think I'm going to splurge and get it for the new year.
He also has a site you join to read articles, and he has a whole bunch of experts in fitness and nutrition as contributors, and a workout builder section. Mostly lifting workouts. I was a member a couple years ago, but well, 2020 hit and ... well, 2020 hit.

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