Cathe Compendium 2018

Here is an update of the Cathe Compendium. I update all the Cathe Compendium's every year (usually around the time she releases a new series). Here is a list of the Compendiums I have compiled so far:

Cathe Compendium
Cathe LIVE Compendium
Cathe Worksheet Compendium
Cathe Rotation Calenders by Set/Series Compendium
Cathe Rotation Calenders Compendium 2003-2009
Cathe Rotation Calenders Compendium 2010-2017

I'll be posting ALL these Compendiums on this thread.

Enjoy this and the other Compendiums as much as I enjoy compiling them for us all!!! If you have any questions regarding the Compendiums please contact me. You can find me on Facebook under "Cathletes" my name is Vanessa Howie, but I'll try to look at my "inbox" on this forum also.


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This is amazing. my goodness it is so complete. I used to use the compendium just based on premix, level and calorie burn. It was amazing.

Lady Vol Fan

Workout By Equipment Quick Reference

No Equipment Needed

Cardio Kicks
Stretch Max #1
Total Body Stretching #1
Mixed Impact Cardio

Step Bench Only
Cardio Fusion Hardcore Extreme High/Low Int.
Low Impact Step
Low Max Maximum Intensity Cardio
Rhythmic Step
Power Max
Basic Step
Step Blast Step Fit
Step Heat
Step Max
Step Jam
Step Works
Step Moves Athletic Step
Intensity Tabatacise
Party Rockin Step 1
Party Rockin Step 2 Shred Cardio

Stability Ball Only
Stretch Max #2
Total Body Stretching #2
Total Body Stretching #3

Stability Ball and Dumbbells
Kick, Punch & Crunch
Total Body Sculpting
Chair Only
Kick Max

Resistance Band Only
Stretch Max #3
Travel Fit

Dumbbells and Tubing
Lower Body Sculpt

Dumbbells, Tubing, and Stability Ball
Upper Body Sculpt

Barbell and Dumbbells
CTX Kickbox
Timesaver #4

Step and Dumbbells
Body Fusion
Cardio & Weights
Circuit Max
CTX All Step
IMAX Extreme

Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, and Stability Ball
Pyramid Upper Body
Timesaver #2
Timesaver #3

Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, and Medicine Ball
Boot Camp
The Gauntlet

Step, Barbell, and Dumbbells
Body Max CTX Power Circuit
CTX Step & Intervals CTX 10*10*10*
CTX Upper Body Split
Maximum Intensity Strength Power Hour
PS Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
S&H Chest & Back
S&H Legs & Shoulders
S&H Triceps & Biceps
Step Jump & Pump The Viper
Timesaver #1
Hiit Circuit Lower Body
Boot Camp (S&S)

Step, Dumbbells & Resistance Band
Drill Max

Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, and Resistance Band
4DS Higher Intensity Step
Body Max 2
GS Back Shoulders & Biceps GS Chest & Triceps
Low Impact Circuit Muscle Max

Step, High Step, Barbell (Unloaded), Dumbbells, and Resistance Band
4DS Lower Intensity Step

Step, High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, Resistance Band, and Stability Ball
4DS Boot Camp

High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, Ankle Weights, Resistance Band,and 2X4 Wood Block
4DS Kickbox

High Step, Barbell and Dumbbells
CTX Leaner Legs
High Step Training
PS Back, Biceps & Abs PS Strong Legs & Abs

High Step, Barbell and Stability Ball
Pyramid Lower Body

High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells & Stability Ball
Push Pull

High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells & Medicine Ball
Muscle Endurance
Boot Camp

High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, & Resistance Band
Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit

High Step Challenge High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells & Ankle Weights Legs & Glutes (Unloaded Barbell)
Timesaver #5

High Step, Dumbbells, Stability Ball & Tubing
High Step Circuit

High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, Resistance Band and Stability Ball
GS Legs

High Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Stability Ball & Ankle Weights
Butts & Guts

Bench or Step, Barbell, Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Resistance Band,
Paper Plates, Pull Up Bar/Tubing, Weighted Vest (Optional) Ankle Weights, Weighted Gloves, Slanted Risers

STS Phase 1
STS Phase 2
STS Phase 3

Stability Ball, Paper Plates, Ankle Weights, Weighted Gloves
Ab Circuits

Exercise Mat/Yoga Mat
MMA Fusion
MMA Kickbox
MMA Boxing
Yoga Max
Yoga Relax
Rockout Knockout

Step, Dumbbell, Band, Medicine Ball
Circuit Blast

Step, Fit Tower (Pull Up Bar),Barbell,Dumbbell, Band, Disc
STS Total Body

High Step, Dumbbell, Barbell, Band, Disc
Lower Body Blast

Dumbbells, Barbell, Disc, Band
High Reps

Spin Bike
Cycle Max
Pedal Power Cycle Sweat

Step, Dumbbell, Disc
Low Impact Challenge
All Out Low Impact Hiit

Fit Tower, Mat, Loop
Turbo Barre

Disc, Loop, Exercise Mat
Slide & Glide

Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Dixie Cups, High Step
Total Body Trisets

Dumbbells, Discs
Cardio Supersets

Step, Dumbbell, Loop, Tubing, Disc
Athletic Training

Dumbbells, Optional Gloves
Hard Strikes

Dumbbells, Discs, Dixie Cups, Loop, Tubing

Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Discs, Dixie Cups, Loop, Chair

Dumbbells, Step, Dixie Cups, Loop
Cardio Leg Blast

Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Tubing
Bi's & Tri's
Chest, Back & Shoulders

Dumbbells, Bench/Step, Loop, Tubing

Step, Dumbbell, Loop, Disc
To The Max

Dumbbells, Loop, Disc, Tubing

Step, Dumbbells, Mat
Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Plyo Hiit
Rockm Sockm Kickbox

Dumbbells, Loop, Chair, Mat
Lean Legs & Abs

Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Discs, Loop, Chair, Mat
Great Glutes

Dumbbells, Discs, Band, Loop, Mat
Flex Train

Dumbbells, Barbell, Step, Band, Chair
Lift It Hit It Back, Bicep, Shoulders

Barbell, Dumbbells, Step
Lift It Hit It Chest, Tri's Shoulders

Dumbbells Only
Lift It Hiit It Legs
Hiit Circuit Upper Body

Mat, Dumbbells, Dixie Cups
Low Impact Hiit

Dumbbells, Mat, Band
Chiseled Upper Body
Chiseled Lower Body Blast

Dumbbells, Mat, Loop, Band, Stability Ball
To The Mat: Legs & Glutes

Dumbbells, Step, Mat Metabolic Total Body
Cardio Slam
PHA Training

Dumbbells, Step, Mat, Band
Low Impact Sweat

Dumbbells, Step, Mat, Stability Ball
BootCamp Circuit

Dumbbells, Step, Tubing
Ramped Up Upper Body

Barbell, Dumbbells, Discs, Stability Ball, Mat
Total Body Giant Sets

Mat, Dumbbells
Bonus Abs

Fit Tower, Mat, Loop, Medium resistance band
Fit Tower Advanced Boot Camp

Fit Tower, Mat, Medium resistance band
Fit Tower Advanced Legs, Glutes & Core

Fit Tower, Mat, Dumbbells, Barbell, Step w/3 Risers, Medium Resistance Band
Fit Tower Advanced Total Body

Gliding Device only
Low Impact Cardio

Boxing Gloves only
Boxing BootCamp

Dumbbells, Step w/Risers, Mat, Barbell
Push Day (FS)

Dumbbells, Stability Ball, Mat, Barbell, Loop
Pull Day (FS)

Dumbbells, Gliding Device, Mat
Metabolic Conditioning

Gliding Device, Dumbbells, High Step w/Risers
Legs & Glutes (FS)
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