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I have been on the hunt for another position for several months and can't seem to get noticed with online job postings. I tried reducing my resume to work history for the past 10 years (I don't jump around from job to job). I googled resume styles to find a new format. When you had to mail a resume with a cover letter, I could get a new job in a couple of weeks. How do you make yourself stand out?
Yes, what @desertambrosia said. My DH is on Linked In and even though he's not searching for a new job, he frequently gets contacted by recruiters who see his profile and also people in his "network." Depending on your profession, Glass Door website might also have job postings and other info helpful to you.


I set up an account on LinkedIn several years ago. As soon as I set it up, I was contacted by "everybody and his brother." It is just like Facebook (which I don't use). I have used Glassdoor but they aren't accurate with the location of the positions that are posted.


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Shortening your resume only to a description of work experience is unnecessary. HR needs to see in you the right person not only for work but also for the team. Over the past few years, soft skills have become as important as hard skills. Of course, it is much better to have accounts on Linkedin or Behance to be part of the community. But having the necessary professional skills and completed courses is also no less critical. So when I decided to become a doctor, I completed my studies, as phlebotomy can be a stepping stone to a great career in the medical field. You need to think in the same direction. Start with a short position in the field that interests you and gradually move forward.
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